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Defendants and Sentencing with Respect to Convictions of Violating Environmental Statutes

There are three types of defendants that may be charged in a case involving a violation of an environmental statute. The three types of defendants include corporations, corporate officers and individuals.


A person commits the offense of riot when he or she, along with an assembly of a certain number of persons, creates an immediate danger of injury to property or to other persons or when he or she substantially interferes or obstructs law enforcement or other government functions or services.

Severance of Offenses and Defendants

If any of the defendants would be prejudiced by a joinder of defendants or offenses then the defendants may file a motion for severance. A motion for severance may be filed with respect to the defendants and/or the offenses charged in the indictments. It is within the trial court’s discretion to grant or deny the motion for severance.

Tax Fraud and Corporate Criminal Liability

A corporation may be potentially criminally liable for tax fraud committed by a director, officer, or employee. Basically, the general concept for corporate criminal liability is that a corporation may be found liable for committing criminal offenses when an employee, officer, or director of the corporation commits the criminal offense. Some jurisdictions still apply the common law theory that a corporation cannot be liable for a crime because it is unable to commit a crime in its corporate capacity.

The Travel Act

The Travel Act was passed in the 1960’s in response to organized crime. The Act was intended to assist state and local authorities with limited resources in their efforts to combat organized crime. The Act provides that any individual who travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses the mail or any facility in interstate or foreign commerce with the intent to distribute the proceeds of any unlawful activity, commit a violent crime to further criminal activity, promote, manage, establish, carry on, or facilitate the promotion, management, establishment, or carrying on of any criminal activity, may be guilty of violating the Travel Act.

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