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Since 1971, this law firm has been in the forefront of the fight to protect the civil rights of all people, and the defense of people wrongly accused of crimes or the victims of official misconduct. No case is too difficult, too unpopular or too complicated for our committed team of attorneys.

For over 30 years, John R. Williams has been committed to providing aggressive, cost-effective legal representation to criminal defendants and those whose civil rights have been violated by police misconduct or employment discrimination.  John R. Williams and Associates dedicate much of our practice to extending rights for plaintiffs in a variety of civil litigation areas.  For a detailed description of our firm’s areas of practice, please visit the Practice Areas page of this website.

Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to being pioneers for defending criminal defendants and victims of civil rights violations.  In the 1960s and 1970s, Mr. Williams’ early defense cases were defending Black Panther Party leadership.  In the 1980s and 1990s, we argued before Connecticut courts to change and improve the way juries are selected.  Recently, the firm has devoted attention to the rights of young women who have been the victims of sexual assault or harassment, and who have been denied fair treatment by their school officials; we have successfully pursued litigation on their behalf in Connecticut Federal court pursuant to Title IX of the Civil Rights Act.  Mr. Williams and his associates do not shy away from the most controversial or difficult cases; in fact, we thrive on the challenge and want to assist as many people as possible.

We pride ourselves on providing quality legal representation at a low cost; this ensures that people of all walks of life can rest assured that their rights will be protected by highly qualified and experienced attorneys.  We also ensure that all of our clients receive the personalized care and attention they need and deserve.  We use a collaborative team approach to client representation, allowing us to provide the most efficient and effective legal representation and leveraging the experience and ability of our attorneys.

If you feel that your civil rights have been violated as a result of police misconduct or employment discrimination, or if you have been accused of a crime, John R. Williams and Associates can help.  We accept all types of cases, no matter how controversial the case or how difficult the facts of your particular case.  Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in protecting your rights.

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